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The ever-unique getaline Christmas party


2017 was another demanding but successful year. As usual, however, the main excitement came with the end-of-year celebration, for our “party committee” had once again chosen something entirely unique for our Christmas party: the challenge of an “Escape Room”, in which a very specific task had to be completed within the space of an hour. Our staff members’ team spirit was once again put to the test in a highly unique way in various groups. The tasks weren’t easy, but, with a solid dose of “lateral thinking” and combination skills, they were all handled within the set time frame.

In short - we successfully made away with the “Blue Mauritius” and saved the world from the threat of nuclear meltdown!

The subsequent challenges proved to be rather tame compared to these heroic feats. Content with our successes, we then headed to one of the “hippest” restaurants in Hamburg’s Schanzenviertel district to refuel and see out the day in convivial style. And anyone who’s familiar with Hamburg will know that the pubs and clubs of the Reeperbahn are not that far away…


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